Special Lectures on Database (Natural Language Processing)


Taught by Professor Sang-goo Lee ( sglee at snu.ac.kr )
TA 유강민 ( lecture at europa.snu.ac.kr )
Location 301-207 (Mon,Wed / 17:00~18:15)
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In this semester’s special lecture, we aim to review all aspects of natural language processing in depth by closely following D. Jurafsky and C. Manning’s open course on Coursera. This course intends to cover the fundamentals as well as advanced topics through exploration of the state-of-the-art techniques while completing the final-term project. At the end of the semester, students are expected to master the fundamental theories and fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the latest NLP technologies, potentially allowing them to pursue further research in the related field.


  • Manning, Christopher D., and Hinrich Schütze. Foundations of statistical natural language processing. Vol. 999. Cambridge: MIT press, 1999.
  • Martin, James H., and Daniel Jurafsky. “Speech and language processing.” International Edition 710 (2000).