Digital Computer Concept and Practice - 023


Taught by Jonghem Youn ( jonghm at )
TA Jihun Choi ( lecture+dccp2 at )
Location 302-310-2 (Mon,Wed / 14:30~16:20)
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This is the first programming course for undergraduates both in computer science and in other majors. Students are expected to have little or no experience in programming.

Concepts and techniques of programming will be introduced using the programming language Python. We will cover various topics including simple statements, data types, objects, functions, structures, and the software development process. Furthermore, basics of Web programming, scientific computing, and machine learning are introduced as advanced topics.

Classes will be held in a computer lab where students will have a chance to gain hands on experience on the materials. There will be homeworks and quizzes each week and three programming assignments overall.


  • Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science, 2nd Ed., by John M. Zelle, Franklin & Beedle, 2010.
    • Buy the digital version; it should be cheaper.
    • 1st edition is not very different but uses Python 2.
  • References:
    • Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, by Allen Downey, Green Tea Press, 2013.


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