Kyeong-Jong Lee


Alumni (M.S.)

Name 이경종
Graduation 2007
Affiliation NCSoft



  • Proficiencies Languages: C, C++, Visual C++(3 years), Java, SQL, Jsp
  • Proficiencies DB/OS : Oracle, IBM DB2, Unisql, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server


  • 1998.9 - 2001.8 the Chief Software Engineer, ECO Co., Seoul, Korea
  • Database Application Software Development and Database Construction
  • 2001.06 Digital Library System, National Defense University
  • 2001.03 Library Information System verson 2.0, National Assembly Library
  • 2000.09 Korean Library Automation System II, The National Library of Korea
  • 1998.12 Library Information System verson 1.0, National Assembly Library
  • 1998.12 Korean Library Information System, The National Library of Korea

Research Interests

Recommender Systems
Tag-Based Collaborative Filtering Systems
논문 개요

Information Retrieval
Ontology-Based Information Retrieval Systems

Text Classification
e-Catalogs Classification Systems, Naive-Bayesian Classification