Sang-goo Lee



Intelligent Database Systems Lab.
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Seoul National University

Name 이상구 (Sang-goo Lee)
Email sglee at snu dot ac dot kr
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Assoc. Director, Big Data Institute

Office: Building 138, Room 418
Tel : +82-2-880-5357
Fax : +82-2-873-5516

Research Interests

  • Semantic Technology Semantic Match, Context-Aware Personalization, Opinion Mining
  • e-Business Technology Electronic Catalogs, Semantic Classifications, Document Modeling & Storage, Indexing & Retrieval
  • Databases Database Design, Query Processing, Integrity Constraints, Cloud Computing


  • Ph.D. Computer Science, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, Thesis: Intelligent Search in Expert Database Systems
  • M.S. Computer Science, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, Thesis: Semantic Query Optimization in Recursive Databases
  • B.S. Computer Science & Statistics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


  • Dean/CIO (2012 ~ 2014) Office of Information Systems & Technology, SNU
  • Director (2011 ~ 2014) SNU-Samsung Joint Center for Intelligent Computing (CIC)
  • Director (2001 ~ 2010) Center for e-Business Technology, SNU
  • Visiting Professor (1999 ~ 2001) Georgetown University, USA
  • Research Engineer (1990 ~ 1992) EDS Research & Development, USA
  • Instructor (1989 ~ 1990) University of Minnesota, USA

Professional Activities

  • Advisory Committee: CommerceNet Korea, Korea (99~), SK Telecommunications, Inc., Korea (05 ~ 06, 10~), Ministry of Commerce, Industry, & Energy, Korea (00~), Prompt, Inc., Korea (01~)
  • Conferences: Int. Workshop on Data Engineering Issues in E-Commerce & Services (DEECS), Tokyo 2005, San Francisco 2006, San Diego 2007, Vienna 2009 (Founder & General Chair), WWW2014 (Vice General Chair), IEEE ICDE 2015 (Finance Chair), IEEE CEC 2010, VLDB 2006 (Workshop Chair), e-Biz World 2003, Seoul, 2003 (Program Chair), IEEE ICDE, DASFAA, CIKM, IEEE ICEBE, PRODIS, ACM DOLAP, CooPIS, etc. (Program Committee)
  • Member: ACM, IEEE, Korea Information Science Society, (Korean) Society for e-Business Studies (President; 2010~)

Selected Talks

  • New Challenges in Data, invited talk at SAIT Forum, Samsng Electronics, 2010.
    • It has been reported that the amount of digital data produced in one single year has surpassed the total amount of all storage medium ever produced. This was in 2007, and the amont of data has been doubling every 1.5 years. The mere task of organizing and retrieving these data has become an insurmountable challenge. Global services like social networks are demanding realtime information access at global scale, while smartphones and smart mobile devices are in dire need of context-aware functionalities. The database community (research & commercial) has successfully supported the information revolution for the past 40 years, and has been considered one of the mature technology areas. However, the new Web, smartphones, and myriad digital devices are presenting challenges that require fundamental changes to some of the architectures, algorithms, and assumptions in this field. We examine these challenges and some of the efforts of the database community to address them.
  • Practical Roles of Semantics, keynote speech at International Workshop on Semantic Computing 2008, Inchoen, Korea / invited talk at Samsung Electronics, KT, Hyundai-Kia Motors, 2007~2008.
    • We are yet to witness the realization of the Semantic Web, even after years of research and promotions by various institutions including the W3C. Some critics are quick to sign off semantic technology as just another rhetoric for promoting AI research. However, recently, we are seeing more and more practical applications that can be categorized into semantic applications. An interesting observation is that most of these cases rely less on inference but more on extensions of meta data and standardization. With careful design and incremental extensions, it is possible to achieve practical benefits from semantic technology. In this talk, we introduce our strategy to adopting semantics in a practical way. Also presented are a few of our research efforts in this direction; semantic product information management, concept-based search, and context-aware personalization.
  • Semantic Technology Roadmap, at Semantic Technology Conference 2008, San Jose, USA.
    • With the recent market saturation and increasing competition in the telco industry, Korea Telecom (KT), which is one of the largest companies in Korea, is making an all-out effort to discover new growth momentum for the future. Conveniently named Telco 2.0, the theme for KT’s efforts is to transform itself into a customer-centric and highly innovative company focusing on the five new business areas of contents, solution, cultural complex, knowledge consulting, and computing. The importance of the IT architecture (ITA) in realizing this vision cannot be overstated. The ITA for the future must support effective real-world representation, deal with various levels of heterogeneity, and provide intelligent processing over enriched information. We will present KT’s semantic technology roadmap and show how we expect semantic technology to address these areas. We will also introduce KT’s semantic search engine STARS developed as part of these efforts.
  • E-Business Technologies; How Good Are They?, at HIS 2006, Sep/20/2006, Seoul, Korea.
  • Enterprise Applications & the CIO, at SNU-CSE, May/18/2005 (in Korean).
  • Design & Implementation of an e-Catalog Management System, DASFAA 2004 Tutorial, Jeju, Korea, Mar/19/2004.
  • e-Business Technologies & Standards, at ECIF Conference, Seoul, Korea, Oct/13/2003.

Publications / Lectures / etc.

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