Fast and scalable vector similarity joins with MapReduce


Title Fast and scalable vector similarity joins with MapReduce
Byoungju Yang, Hyun Joon Kim, Junho Shim, Dongjoo Lee, Sang-goo Lee
Year 2016 / 6
Keywords Similarity join, MapReduce, Cosine similarity, Filtering
Publication Type International Journal
Publication Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Volume 46, Issue 3, pp. 473-497
Index SCIE
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Vector similarity join, which finds similar pairs of vector objects, is a computationally expensive process. As its number of vectors increases, the time needed for join operation increases proportional to the square of the number of vectors. Various filtering techniques have been proposed to reduce its computational load. On the other hand, MapReduce algorithms have been studied to manage large datasets. The recent improvements, however, still suffer from its computational time and scalability. In this paper, we propose a MapReduce algorithm FACET(FAst and sCalable maprEduce similariTy join) to efficiently solve the vector similarity join problem on large datasets. FACET is an all-pair exact join algorithm, composed of two stages. In the first stage, we use our own novel filtering techniques to eliminate dissimilar pairs to generate non-redundant candidate pairs. The second stage matches candidate pairs with the vector data so that similar pairs are produced as the output. Both stages employ parallelism offered by MapReduce. The algorithm is currently designed for cosine similarity and Self Join case. Extensions to other similarity measures and R-S Join case are also discussed. We provide the I/O analysis of the algorithm. We evaluate the performance of the algorithm on multiple real world datasets. The experiment results show that our algorithm performs, on average, 40 % upto 800 % better than the previous state-of-the-art MapReduce algorithms.