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This site is deprecated and no longer maintained. Please visit the new site for up-to-date information.

Intelligent Data Systems Laboratory

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The Intelligent Data Systems (IDS) laboratory conduct research in the areas of context-aware recommendation, big data management, software issues in smart reality and semantic technologies. The Lab. is led by professor Sang-goo Lee and consists of graduate students under his supervision. more...

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연구실 지원 문의: 02-880-5133,

Research in IDS Lab.

To realize intelligent data systems, we explores various research areas from fundamental data engineering to its application to industry. our recent research areas are as follows:

  • Smart Reality
  • Graph Data Model & Quantitative Analysis
  • Cloud based Massive Data Processing
  • Advanced Recommendation & Searching
  • Opinion Mining

To see the detailed information about our research, visit research page.

Recent Publications

  1. Youngki Park, Heasoo Hwang, Sang-goo Lee, A Novel Algorithm for Scalable k-Nearest Neighbour Graph Construction, 2016, Journal of Information Science, Volume 42(2), Page 274-288, SCIE
  2. Hanbit Lee, Sang-goo Lee, Style Recommendation for Fashion Items using Heterogeneous Information Network, 2015, Recommender Systems 2015 (RecSys2015)
  3. Youhyun Shin, Yeonchan Ahn, Heesik Jeon, Sang-goo Lee, Consensus Similarity Measure for Short Text Clustering, 2015, 12th International Workshop on Text-based Information Retrieval In conjunction with DEXA 2015 (TIR 2015)

For complete publication list, visit Publications and Achievements page.

Application to IDS Lab.

IDS Lab seeks fresh and energetic students. For lab application info, contact us via 02-880-5133 or chief at

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Contact Us

Telephone Tel: +82-2-880-1859 (Lab.), +82-2-880-5357 (Professor), Fax: +82-2-873-5516
Address Intelligent Data Systems Laboratory, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 08826, Korea

Location Bldg No. 301, Room No. 420