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This site is deprecated and no longer maintained. Please visit the new site for up-to-date information.

IDB and IDS Lab. 2009 Fall Seminar

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In this second semester (2009, Fall), we selected several papers related to our research topics without any restriction. We are going to summarize and present them following the schedule below. In particular, we are having the seminar with IDB Lab.

  • Time: 10:30 ~ 12:00, every Friday.
  • Location: Building #138, Room #511-2. (or Building #301, Room #421)


Date Presenter Paper pdf ppt
2009-09-18 Minsuk Kahng Ranking and Suggesting Popular Items(TKDE, 21(8), 2009) doi ppt
2009-09-18 Jaemin Ahn Efficient Network-Aware search in Collaborative Tagging Sites(VLDB 2008) doi ppt
2009-09-25 Gihyun Gong Ontology Visualization Methods—A Survey(ACM Computing Surveys, 39(4), 2007) doi ppt
2009-09-25 Hyunwoo Kim Learning to Tag(WWW 2009) doi ppt
2009-10-02 Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)
2009-10-09 Jaeseok Myung A comparison of Approaches to Large-Scale Data Analysis(SIGMOD 2009) doi ppt
2009-10-09 Hyewon Lim An Integrated Approach to Extracting Ontological Structures from Folksonomies(ESWC 2009) doi ppt
2009-10-16 Sang-keun Lee A Data Mashup Language for the Data Web(LDOW 2009) pdf ppt
2009-10-16 Jaemin Ahn The Anti-Social Tagger - Detecting Spam in Social Bookmarking Systems(AirWeb 2008) doi ppt
2009-10-23 mid-term
2009-10-30 Seung-seok Kang Triplify - Light-Weight Linked Data Publication from Relational Databases(WWW 2009) doi ppt
2009-10-30 Kiseong Kim Scalable join processing on very large RDF graphs(SIGMOD 2009) doi ppt
2009-11-06 Inbeom Hwang Automatic Video Tagging using Content Redundancy(SIGIR 2009) doi ppt
2009-11-06 Kang-Pyo Lee Integrating Folksonomies with the Semantic Web(ESWC2007) doi ppt
2009-11-13 Jongheum Yeon Interactive generation of integrated schemas(SIGMOD 2008) doi ppt
2009-11-13 Dong-Hyuk Im On Incremental Maintenance of 2-hop Labeling of Graphs(WWW 2008) doi ppt
2009-11-20 Sung Eun Park A Regression Approach to Music Emotion Recognition(IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 16(2), 2008) doi ppt
2009-11-20 Youngseok Lim Optimizing Web Search Using Social Annotations(WWW 2007) doi ppt
2009-12-04 Jaehui Park Data Clouds: Summarizing Keyword Search Results over Structured Data(EDBT 2009) doi ppt
2009-12-04 Hyojin Song Semantic Wiki Search(ESWC2009) doi ppt
2009-12-11 final-term
2010-01-xx Sungchan Park Mining Temporal Patterns with Quantitative Intervals(ICDM 2008 Workshop) doi ppt
2010-01-xx Seunghun Ok FOAFing the music: Bridging the semantic gap in music recommendation(Journal of Web Semantics, 6(4), 2008) doi ppt
2010-01-xx Jae-won Lee A Recommender System with Interest-Drifting(WISE 2007) doi ppt
2010-01-xx Seong-yun Lee Less Talk, More Rock: Automated Organization of Community-Contributed Collections of Concert Videos(WWW 2009) doi ppt