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This site is deprecated and no longer maintained. Please visit the new site for up-to-date information.

IDB and IDS Lab. 2010 Spring Seminar

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Selected papers will be presented in IDS Lab seminar.

IDS Lab seminar

  • Time: 15:00 ~ 17:00, Friday
  • Location: Building #138, Room #511-2

Work-in-progress will be reported in IDB & IDS Lab seminar.

IDB & IDS Lab seminar

  • Time: 13:00 ~ 17:00, Friday
  • Location: Building #301, Room #421


Date Presenter Paper pdf ppt
2010-03-12 Sungchan Park Practical Algorithm and Lower Bounds for Similarity Search in Massive Graph(TKDE 2007) [ doi] ppt
2010-03-12 Inbeom Hwang Using trees to depict a forest(VLDB 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-03-19 Yongjin Kwon Main-Memory Scan Sharing For Multi-Core CPUs(VLDB 2008) [ doi] ppt
2010-03-19 Jae-won Lee Applying Taxonomic Knowledge to Bayesian Belief NEtwork for Personalized Search (SAC 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-03-26 Seung-seok Kang Scalable Indexing of RDF Graphs for Efficient Join Processing(CIKM 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-03-26 Dongjoo Lee Advanced Product Information Management () [ doi] ppt
2010-04-02 Jae-won Lee Applying Taxonomic Knowledge and Semantic Collaborative Filtering to Personalized Search: a Bayesian Belief Network based Approach(APWeb 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-04-02 Jaehui Park Efficiently Answering Top-k Typicality Queries on Large Databases (VLDB 2007) [ doi] ppt
2010-04-09 Sung Eun Park Contextual Ranking of Keywords Using Click Data(ICDE 2009) doi ppt
2010-04-09 Jongheum Yeon Indexing correlated probabilistic databases(SIGMOD 2009) doi ppt
2010-04-15 Jaeseok Myung SPARQL Query Processing with MapReduce (IDB & IDS Seminar) ppt
2010-04-15 Sangkeun Lee Context-aware recommendation based on lifelog(IDB & IDS Seminar) ppt
2010-04-23 mid-term exam
2010-04-23 mid-term exam
2010-04-30 Sang-il Song Context-Aware Query Classification(SIGIR 2009) doi ppt
2010-04-30 Minsuk Kahng Statistical Models for Web Search Clicks Log Analysis(CIKM 2009 Tutorial) link ppt
2010-05-20 Youngki Park A search engine for finding highly relevant applications (ICSE 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-05-20 Jongheum Yeon SPROUT: Lazy vs. Eager Query Plans for Tuple-Independent Probabilistic Databases(ICDE 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-06-03 Sungchan Park Efficient Structural Similarity Computation in Graph Database(IDB & IDS Seminar) ppt
2010-06-03 Minsuk Kahng Exploiting Contextual Information from Event Logs for Personalized Recommendation(IDB & IDS Seminar) ppt
2010-06-11 final exam
2010-06-11 final exam
2010-06-18 Sangkeun Lee Atomate It! End-user Context-Sensitive Automation using Heterogeneous Information Sources on the Web [ doi] ppt
2010-06-18 Inbeom Hwang 웹의 협업 환경을 이용한 확장 형태소 사전 관리(KCC 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-06-25 Youngki Park Sourcerer: mining and searching internet-scale software repositories(DATAMINE 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-06-25 Dongjoo Lee 꼬꼬마: 관계형 데이터베이스를 활용한 세종 말뭉치 활용 도구 [ doi] ppt
2010-07-02 Jaehui Park Query processing over incomplete autonomous databases: query rewriting using learned data dependencies (VLDB Journal 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-07-02 Sung Eun Park Combining Audio Content and Social Context for Semantic Music Discovery (SIGIR 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-07-09 Minsuk Kahng A framework to compute page importance based on user behaviors(Information Retrieval 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-07-09 Sang-il Song Extracting Key Terms From Noisy and Multi-theme Documents(WWW 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-07-16 Yongjin Kwon Parallelization of XPath Queries using Multi-core Processors: Challenges and Experiences(EDBT 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-07-16 Seung-seok Kang SW-Store: a vertically partitioned DBMS for Semantic Web data management(VDLB Journal 2009) [ doi] ppt