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This site is deprecated and no longer maintained. Please visit the new site for up-to-date information.

IDS Lab. 2009 Spring Seminar

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In this spring (2009), we selected several papers related to our research topics without any restriction. We are going to summarize and present them following the schedule below.

  • Time: 16:00 ~ 17:30, every Friday.
  • Location: Building #138, Room #511-2.


Date Presenter Paper pdf ppt
2009-03-13 Jongheum Yeon Federated Text Retrieval From Uncooperative Overlapped Collections (SIGIR 2007) doi ppt
2009-03-13 Inbeom Hwang Flickr tag recommendation based on collective knowledge (WWW 2008) doi ppt
2009-03-20 Minsuk Kahng Clustering the Tagged Web (WSDM 2009) doi ppt
2009-03-20 Jaehui Park EASE: an effective 3-in-1 keyword search method for unstructured, semi-structured and structured data (SIGMOD 2008) doi ppt
2009-03-27 Jae-won Lee A time-based approach to effective recommender systems using implicit feedback (Expert Systems with Applications, V34, Issue 4, 2008) doi ppt
2009-03-27 Seungseok Kang PageRank for Product Image Search (WWW 2008) doi ppt
2009-04-03 COMSEE 2009
2009-04-10 Jaeseok Myung Mining Frequent Itemsets from Uncertain Data (PAKDD 2007) doi ppt
2009-04-10 Babar Khan Tareen BrowseRank: Letting Web Users Vote for Page Importance (SIGIR 2008) doi ppt
2009-04-17 Kwanghyun Nam Kshitij: A Search and Page Recommendation System for Wikipedia (COMAD 2008) [ doi] ppt
2009-04-17 Sang-keun Lee The Semantic Logger: Supporting Service Building fromPersonal Context doi ppt
2009-04-24 Gihyun Gong Towards a New Approach for Information Retrieval in the SemanticLIFE Digital Memory Framework (WI'06) pdf ppt
2009-04-24 Dongjoo Lee Learning to Link with Wikipedia (CIKM 2008) doi ppt
2009-05-01 Jongheum Yeon SpotSigs: Robust and Efficient Near Duplicate Detection in Large Web Collections (SIGIR 2008) doi ppt
2009-05-01 Inbeom Hwang Lock-free consistency control for web 2.0 applications (WWW 2008) doi ppt
2009-05-08 Jae-won Lee Tag-based Contextual Collaborative Filtering (International Journal of Computer Science, 2008) pdf ppt
2009-05-08 Jaehui Park The CompleteSearch Engine: Interactive, Efficient, and Towards. IR&DB Integration (CIDR 2007) pdf ppt
2009-05-15 Jung-Yeon Yang ARSA: A Sentiment-Aware Model for Predicting Sales Performance Using Blogs (SIGIR 2007) doi ppt
2009-05-15 Seungseok Kang Real-time Automatic Tag Recommendation (SIGIR 2008) [ doi] ppt
2009-05-22 Minsuk Kahng EigenRank: A Ranking-Oriented Approach to Collaborative Filtering (SIGIR 2008) doi ppt
2009-05-22 Kwanghyun Nam A Collaborative Writing Mode for Avoiding Blind Modifications (IWCES 2007) [ doi] ppt
2009-05-29 Jaeseok Myung SOPS: Stock Prediction using Web Sentiment (ICDMW 2007) pdf ppt
2009-05-29 Babar Khan Tareen Social ranking: uncovering relevant content using tag-based recommender systems (ACM Conference On Recommender Systems 2008) doi ppt
2009-06-12 Sang-keun Lee The Semantic Logger: Supporting Service Building from Personal Context doi ppt
2009-06-12 Gihyun Gong Tracking Actual Usage: The Attention Metadata Approach pdf ppt
2009-06-26 Jung-Yeon Yang Extracting Product Comparisons from Discussion Boards (ICDM 2008) [ doi] ppt
2009-06-26 Dongjoo Lee Resolving Uncertainty in Context Integration and Abstraction (ICPS 2008) doi ppt