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This site is deprecated and no longer maintained. Please visit the new site for up-to-date information.

IDS Lab. 2010 Fall Seminar

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Selected papers will be presented in IDS Lab seminar.

IDS Lab seminar

  • Time: 11:00 ~ 13:00, Friday
  • Location: Building #138, Room #511-2


Date Presenter Paper pdf ppt
2010-09-16 Sangkeun Lee Using Contextual Information as Virtual Items on Top-N Recommender Systems(Workshop on Context-Aware Recommendation ) [ doi] ppt
2010-09-16 Sang-il Song A Statistical Model for Popular Event Tracking in Social Communities (SIGKDD 2010) doi ppt
2010-09-30 Jaeseok Myung Data Management in the Cloud: Limitations and Opportunities (IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, Volume 32, 2009) [ doi] ppt
2010-09-30 Sung Eun Park Discovery-Driven Graph Summarization(ICDE 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-10-15 Jongheum Yeon On the Tradeoff Between Privacy and Utility in Data Publishing (SIGKDD 2009) doi ppt
2010-10-15 Yongjin Kwon Agnostic Active Learning (Journal of Computer and System Sciences 2009) doi ppt
2010-10-22 mid-term
2010-10-29 Sungchan Park k-Nearest Neighbors in Uncertain Graphs(VLDB 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-10-29 Chungrim Kim Suggesting Friends Using the Implicit Social Graph(SIGKDD 2010) doi ppt
2010-11-05 Sung Eun Park Temporal Recommendation on Graphs vis Long- and Short-term Prefernce Fusion(KDD 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-11-05 Youngki Park A Node Indexing Scheme for Web Entity Retrieval (ESWC 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-11-12 Seung-seok Kang String-Based Semantic Web Data Management Using Ternary B-Trees (VLDB 2010 PhD Workshop) doi ppt
2010-11-12 Jaeseok Myung Optimizing Joins in a Map-Reduce Environment(EDBT 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-11-19 CEBT Workshop
2010-11-19 CEBT Workshop
2010-11-26 Gihyun Gong Event Detection with Common User Interests(WIDM 2008) [ doi] ppt
2010-11-26 Sang-il Song Combining predictions for accurate recommender systems (SIGKDD 2010) doi ppt
2010-12-03 Jongheum Yeon An Evaluation of Alternative Architectures for Transaction Processing in the Cloud (SIGMOD 2010) doi ppt
2010-12-03 Yongjin Kwon Personalized Active Learning for Collaborative Filtering (SIGIR 2008) doi ppt
2010-12-10 final-term
2010-12-17 Jaehui Park DivQ: diversification for keyword search over structured databases(SIGIR 2010) doi ppt
2010-12-17 Chungrim Kim Growing a Tree in the Forest: Constructing Folksonomies by Integrating Structured Metadata doi ppt
2010-12-24 Sungchan Park Fast Computation of SimRank for Static and Dynamic Information Networks(EDBT 2010) [ doi] ppt
2010-12-24 Youngki Park Can RDB2RDF Tools Feasibily Expose Large Science Archives for Data Integration? (ESWC 2009) [ doi] ppt