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The members of the Intelligent Data Systems (IDS) Lab. conduct research in the areas of context-aware recommendation, big data management, software issues in smart reality and semantic technologies.

The Lab. is led by professor Sang-goo Lee and consists of graduate students under his supervision. IDS Lab. receives research funds from various organizations including the National Research Fund (NRF), the Brain Korea 21 (BK21) research project, and a number of private companies including Samsung, SKT, KT and Bell Labs Seoul.

The Lab leads collaborative efforts between SNU and Samsung Electronics through the Center for Intelligent Computing (CIC), which is a joint SW research institute between SNU and Samsung.

연구실 지원 문의: 02-880-5133,

History (major research projects)

  • 2012 Smart Reality Testbed (funded by Samsung Electronics)
  • 2012 Korean Morpheme Analyzer and Search Technology (funded by Interpark)
  • 2012 Ranking Algorithms for Enterprise Search (funded by Samsung Electronics)
  • 2011 Context-Aware Recommendation for In-Vehicle Info-tainment (funded by Bell Labs, Seoul)
  • 2011 Opinion Mining of App Store User Feedbacks (funded by MKE)
  • 2011 Privacy and Anonymization of Medical Research Data (funded by SNU)
  • 2011 (~ 2015) Large Scale Graph Data Processing for Smart Reality (funded by NRF)
  • 2011 (~ 2018) Agile Data Warehouse for Big Data Analysis (funded by NRF via SNU Data Science Center)
  • 2010 Center for E-Business Technology (CEBT) founded in 2002 (w/ research grant by MIC)
  • 2010 Semantic Data Cloud for Public Data Services (funded by SNU)
  • 2010 SNU App Center (funded by Small & Medium Business Administration)
  • 2008 Supplier Relationship Management Optimization (funded by Public Procurement Services)
  • 2007 (~ 2010) Green Logistics Oriented Business Environment (GLOBE) (funded by MOCIE)
  • 2007 Semantic Technology R&D Roadmap (funded by KT)
  • 2005 VLDB Architecture to Support Massive Online/Offline Transactions (funded by SKT)
  • 2004 A Practical Ontology for e-Catalogs (funded by PPS)
  • 2003 IBM Shared University Research Award (funded by IBM)
  • 1998 A Standard Digital Catalog Database for Electronic Commerce (w/, funded by MIC)
  • 1997 Database Manager for PDA (funded by JTEL, inc.)
  • 1996 Digital Library Application on Super-speed Communication Network (funded by KT)
  • 1996 A Flash Memory Based PDA Object Manager (w/ Samsung Electronics, funded by MOCIE)
  • 1996 Research on Query Processing in a Data Warehouse Environment (funded by KOSEF)
  • 1993 On Extending the Functionality of Logic Database Systems (funded by KOSEF)
  • 1992 Intelligent Database System Laboratory founded.


  • Context-aware Recommendation
  • Big Data Management
  • Smart Reality
  • Semantic Technologies


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