Intelligent Data Systems Laboratory (지능형 데이터 시스템 연구실)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, since 1992.
Research in the Intelligent Data Systems laboratory, supervised by professor Sang-goo Lee, focuses on the areas of data mining, data processing, information retrieval, recommendation, natural language processing and deep learning.

Contact us

  • Tel: +82-2-880-5517 (Lab.), +82-2-880-5357 (Professor)
  • Fax: +82-2-873-5516
  • Rm. 420, Bldg. 301, Intelligent Data Systems Laboratory, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826, Korea.

IDS Lab seeks fresh and energetic students!
Contact us via 02-880-5517 or chief at europa.snu.ac.kr for lab application info.


Major research projects:

  • 2012 Smart Reality Testbed (funded by Samsung Electronics)
  • 2012 Korean Morpheme Analyzer and Search Technology (funded by Interpark)
  • 2012 Ranking Algorithms for Enterprise Search (funded by Samsung Electronics)
  • 2011 Context-Aware Recommendation for In-Vehicle Info-tainment (funded by Bell Labs, Seoul)
  • 2011 Opinion Mining of App Store User Feedbacks (funded by MKE)
  • 2011 Privacy and Anonymization of Medical Research Data (funded by SNU)
  • 2011 (~ 2015) Large Scale Graph Data Processing for Smart Reality (funded by NRF)
  • 2011 (~ 2018) Agile Data Warehouse for Big Data Analysis (funded by NRF via SNU Data Science Center)
  • 2010 Center for E-Business Technology (CEBT) founded in 2002 (w/ research grant by MIC)
  • 2010 Semantic Data Cloud for Public Data Services (funded by SNU)
  • 2010 SNU App Center (funded by Small & Medium Business Administration)
  • 2008 Supplier Relationship Management Optimization (funded by Public Procurement Services)
  • 2007 (~ 2010) Green Logistics Oriented Business Environment (GLOBE) (funded by MOCIE)
  • 2007 Semantic Technology R&D Roadmap (funded by KT)
  • 2005 VLDB Architecture to Support Massive Online/Offline Transactions (funded by SKT)
  • 2004 A Practical Ontology for e-Catalogs (funded by PPS)
  • 2003 IBM Shared University Research Award (funded by IBM)
  • 1998 A Standard Digital Catalog Database for Electronic Commerce (w/ Lotte.com, funded by MIC)
  • 1997 Database Manager for PDA (funded by JTEL, inc.)
  • 1996 Digital Library Application on Super-speed Communication Network (funded by KT)
  • 1996 A Flash Memory Based PDA Object Manager (w/ Samsung Electronics, funded by MOCIE)
  • 1996 Research on Query Processing in a Data Warehouse Environment (funded by KOSEF)
  • 1993 On Extending the Functionality of Logic Database Systems (funded by KOSEF)
  • 1992 Intelligent Data Systems Laboratory founded.